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HS30-00060    240Z    /1970
Most Recent Owner: eBay seller: bluechickenman1
Location: Tasmania - Australia
Owner from to 2006

Current Details:
Engine #: L24-112461
Paint Colour: White
Interior Colour: Black

Original Details:
Engine #: L24-011646
Paint Code: 920 - Safari Gold
Interior Colour: Black

Was for sale on eBay in 2006. Originally listed for $20,000, but eventually dropped to $6,000.
Engine number in the advert was 112461

Someone that looked at the car had this to say about it:
I have actually seen this car, and the guy is absolutely dreaming!!! There is ALOT of rust in this car, so much so that you'd send it to Sims Metal if it weren't an early car. The underbody has been knocked around with lots of dents in the floor, and the interior is a little rough although mostly complete. The dash board has been capped and it has a fibreglass console.

There's much work to be done on this car, certainly too much for me. It may suit somebody who's pretty handy at panel work, but you wouldn't be paying 20, 8 or even 4 grand for it. That's just my opinion anyway...

eBay Advert read:
1970 240Z HS30 - 00060 SERIES 1


Up for sale is my very special early 240Z. This is one of the VERY FEW remaining early cars. It is believed to have rolled off the line in Japan in March April 1970, after which it was one of the few to come to Australia (please refer to the chassis stamp picture attached). This Z has had three owners in it's life & hopefully one of you somewhere out there will have the time to devote to a full restoration.The only aspect of the car which is not standard are the wheels & colour. The motor, 5sp gearbox, diff etc is original to the vehicle, whilst the colour was altered about 5 years ago from the factory brown to Mt Fuji White. This car is in good condition for it's age & is driven on the odd occasion to work or into the country to keep things lubricated, of course this car is currently registered & insured far in excess of the first bid price.

Please be aware that this Z is like all others, it has rust in all the usual places & needs to be dealt with in the near future. One would assume the buyer would undertake a full restoration upon purchase, dealing with the rust is just part of owning a Z.... So please do not assume this cas is "perfect" it is a good clean unmolested early Z ready to restore & continue to appreciate in value. It does need work.....

My primary reason for selling this car is due to the purchase of another family car, we simply do not have the space to store it (i refuse to store it outside) nor the time to dedicate to undertake the project to the high level this old beauty deserves.

Please do not request pictures if you are not considering the car for purchase..... I appreciate some may have a curious interest but please do not waste my time & yours....

This car could be transported quite cheaply to Sydney or Melbourne via on of the ferries or by a professional auto transport firm & of course freighting to overseas countries is a simple act if required.....This is of course at the buyers expense...

She starts up first time every time without hasitation, the geabox is a bit crunchy these days but once you are used to it it is fine the diff is good & the brakes work well. Te suspension has firmer springs - not sure of the brand......The car steers, drives & stops very well.....

Please no stupid offers - This not you average Z car & it IS worth more than 4 grand so don't bother stuffing me around......If you dont like it dont BID!

The seller had this to say about the car in a message to an interested party:
I have had a quick look at it & would like to add the following......

Still running on factory fitted L24 with original carbs air filter etc etc
NEVER been in a bender - all factory fitted panels
Allways maintained well
Interior roof lining is perfect
Sun visors are perfect
Vinyl interior lining is ok
Car has later modern radio, the dash has not been chopped during the install
Original steering wheel & gear knob
Car starts & runs fine every time
Car is registered & insured for $10,000
Tyres are good
Suspension has lovells springs & aftermarket shocks, not sure of brand
Car steers & handles & drives very very well for age
Exhaust is good

Car is not rust free,

I have spied some rust in the hatch & the hatch jam area & in door jam area
on the drivers side (pic), slight rust in fire wall near battery & in
chassis rail (only a few inches square & ahead of all mechanical bits), rear
hatch floor around passenger side strut turret, floors are solid,....All
very repairable with off the shelf replacement patches....This car is
unmolested & had been driven sparingly for ten years.....Comes with original
seats in original trim, has new carpet kit with other miscellaneous parts as
well. These pics show the absolute worst rust spots in the car....

This is a good unmolested early model Z, (HS300060) sure it may need some
work to restore but I challenge you to find an early one like
Added: September 13, 2015