Australian and New Zealand Internet S30 Z Register
HS30-00379    240Z    /1970
Most Recent Owner: Unknown
Location: Victoria - Australia
Owner from Unknown to 2007

Current Details:
Engine #:
Paint Colour: red
Interior Colour:

Original Details:
Engine #: L24-025214
Paint Code: 920 - Safari Gold
Interior Colour:

Body shell and matching engine. Sold on eBay for $399. 18 June 2007.

Advert read:
You are bidding on an early model datsun 240z body shell, vin hs30-00379, with matching engine number l24-025214, with e31 head. This shell has very little rust but has a damaged passenger side rail (see pic), which would probably need to be replaced. Minor rear damage too as rear bumper appears slightly bent (see pic). Auction is for the body shell and motor only as pictured (motor is the middle one in the picture) and excludes doors, tail gate, bonnet, interior, suspension, drive line etc. Condition of motor is unknown but we suspect it might need to be rebuilt.
Added: June 18, 2007