Australian and New Zealand Internet S30 Z Register
HS30-00373    240Z    12/1970
Most Recent Owner: Bob Naylor
Location: Western Australia - Australia
Owner from to Present

Current Details:
Engine #: L28-703854
Paint Colour: Cardinal Red
Interior Colour: Black

Original Details:
Engine #: L24-021107
Paint Code: Unknown
Interior Colour:

During extensive restoration - total body rebuilt with new metal absolutely no filler other than a little lead wiping on roof. Body restoration done by Rowe and Sons Restoration specialists. Magic job. Engine replaced with 280Z injected engine, Gearbox and tail shaft from 1972 240Z as original was not as strong and had cast tail shaft with sliding section built in with flange on each end. Rear diff replaced with lower ratio and shifted back as per later models to reduce angle of drive shafts.

Air Conditioning from Nissan Fairlady fitted behind dash using original heater controls. Power steering using 280Z pump and Subaru WRX rack with modifications to front cross member mountings and fitted to original 240Z Tie Rods.

Interior completed with new original black trim an period Recaro Seats retrimmed. Smaller steering wheel to work with power steering. I have many original parts including the original steering wheel without holes in spokes. New chrome badges and trims where possible. Many other mods to make it a great car to drive and be able to use it as a daily drive. 10 years restoration. Now in the hands of my son and used daily.
Added: December 18, 2007