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HS30-00293    240Z    /1970
Most Recent Owner: Jim
Location: Queensland - Australia
Owner from Unknown to 2005

Current Details:
Engine #:
Paint Colour:
Interior Colour:

Original Details:
Engine #: L24-
Paint Code: 918 - Orange
Interior Colour:

Was for sale on eBay 02 March 2005.

Advert read:
Fully worked and CAMS sealed engine producing 225 BHP at the flywheel, measured on an engine dyno. In ready to race condition. Has successfully competed in Circuit, Hillclimb and Road Rally events over the past 13 years winning over 120 trophies (not incl). Fitted with Enki race wheels, factory LSD, serk oil cooler, 10 litre baffled sump, custom shocks, adjustable spring platforms. This car is from the very first production run of RH drive 240Z's
Added: March 2, 2005