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HS30-00213    240Z    7/1970
Most Recent Owner: Curtis Golding
Location: New South Wales - Australia
Owner from to 2012

Current Details:
Engine #: -
Paint Colour:
Interior Colour: Black

Original Details:
Engine #: L24-na
Paint Code: Unknown
Interior Colour:

Was listed for sale in 2012, presume sold.

For Auction is my 1970 Datsun 240z build number #213.
This 240z has started to be restored, but due to a change in plans it's time to let it go. The car has been sandblasted and fixing the rust up has started. There is no bog and so far no expense spared, the primer the car is in is a waterproof etch primer that prevents rust while the car has not been painted and of memory cost a fortune just for the primer, its been sitting like this for over 5 years and as you can see there is no surface rust. the passenger side floor has been replaced and the drivers side replacement panel is ready to be installed. various other parts have also been fixed to a very high standard and the doors have been repaired and waiting for the new door skins which are with the car. There has been repairs done over the years like any other 240z, most have been done to a satisfactory standard and could easily be tidied up. 
I believe the car is mostly there as I bought it as a rolling shell with all the parts inside i:e Dash, Seats, centre console, wiring harness, tail lights, Window mechanisms, Glass and most other pieces including plastic trim that you need. Over the years I have bought various parts including new badges, heater control panel, Rust repair panels and other various bits like new kick panels for inside and out and the list goes on. The car comes with the original l24 engine I have been told with the manual transmission, it currently has a l28 with an auto in it. This car is not for the beginner for a restoration project but would be ideal for someone who is looking for a project that appreciates the early vin car 240z and the potential this car has. Inspections are recommended or email for more details.
Added: May 4, 2006