Australian and New Zealand Internet S30 Z Register
HS30-103679    240Z    /1972
Most Recent Owner: Michael T
Location: Queensland - Australia
Owner from 2016 to Unknown

Current Details:
Engine #:
Paint Colour: Red
Interior Colour: Black

Original Details:
Engine #: L20-586005
Paint Code: 901 - Silver Gray (Metallic)
Interior Colour: Black

Car needs a repaint. I'm leaning towards restoring original colour. Interior is in very good condition and really needs very little. I've got an original steering wheel to put back in. Minimal rust in car however it will be eventually stripped and get a bare-metal respray. Perhaps within 5 years. At the moment its registered, I'm refreshing the springs and suspension and will continue to enjoy driving it. Has non-original wheels and I will eventually get 16" Watanabe wheels.
Added: February 24, 2016