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HS30-102895    240Z    6/1973
Most Recent Owner: Gavin Doolan
Location: Victoria - Australia
Owner from 1998 to 2002

Current Details:
Engine #:
Paint Colour: 905
Interior Colour: White

Original Details:
Engine #: L24-175807
Paint Code: 918 - Orange
Interior Colour: White

My first 240z was a 1973 240z listed for sale in the trading post around 1998.

It was priced around $3,500 or so and I remember going out to see it for the first time. I had checked the floors for rust, it was ok. The doors had a little bit of rust, the rear hatch slam panel, a bubble on the roof and a few other places like front of the bonnet and the firewall etc.. But when we took it for a test drive with it's original L24 it really went well, better than any of the bigger engine cars L26 or L28 S30z's we had tested and it put a smile on my face and my step dad's and I recall a guy walking at the side of the road when we took it to 5,500rpm giving the thumbs up.

We made an offer and put a deposit down on the spot. As a 16 year old at the time, my mum was kind enough to say that she would pay for half the car if I paid the other half. I had a part time job on school holidays working for my uncle who was a brick layer and although it was some of the hardest manual work I've done in my life. I actually look back and think about how I really enjoyed the experience and it made buying my first car a very rewarding experience. When you earn something like $5-$7 an hour saving $1,500 is a lot of money and it still needed roadworthy etc.. which would cost extra.

The photos I have are not very good, but they are all we have of it fully assembled. The Vic plates at the time were FDR-937. It was taken with a disposable camera the kind with film. Do you remember those? No digital cameras in 1998 - at least not the very affordable sort.

I also still have a note from the old owner detailing some of it's history like who had previously bought it and what happened to it. Apparently a Nissan engineer had owned it and done a lot of the restoration work on it. Hence why it was probably so original. Also someone had bought it for their son as a wedding present but the son was not interested in it and it was then sold onward.

I've also got some footage of when it was still complete and I'm driving it around, just got to edit it and upload to Youtube.

I recently also found the address of the previous owner.

5 Denise Court
Narre Warren

Which is where these photos were taken years ago.

I never got to finish the restoration on this car before it was sold to another enthusiast who still has it on the back burner waiting for restoration some day.
Added: January 12, 2016