Upcoming Events for 2015

The TSOA has two new events on their web site. Sunday the 21st of June RAC Autotest. Around the witches hats fun at the RAC centre which is conveniently located near the airport. See their web site for entry forms. They are looking for more entries so get cracking and remember if 3 or members enter I will make it a round of our drivers comp. Also on the 3rd of August they will be hosting a hill climb at Jacks Hill, so keep the date free.

The Jaguar club has invited us to participate in a half day event at Barbagallo Tuesday the 23rd of June, so if you can get a day off school visit their web site for more details.

Our AGM will be held in July (Wednesday 22nd ) I will keep reminding you closer to the date.

The WASCC has a regularity scheduled for 23rd 24th October so keep an eye on their web site as well.

Heritage Day Event: Lunch in the hills

WA Z Register Heritage Day event lunch in the hills on Sunday 17 May at 12 noon.

Members pleas see check your email for event details and RSVP to Chris.

Zed Cruise 3rd-May-2015

Jinxed (A.K.A Ross) from aus300zx.com forums is organising a Zed Cruise, and has invited us to come along.

They will be heading north towards two rocks and finishing in the early/mid afternoon for lunch and drinks around Mindarie

All zeds and their owners welcome!

Date: - Sunday 3 May 2015
Address: - Meet at Galleria Shopping Centre, underground parking near Dan Murphys (off walter road west)
Time of start: - 9.30am meet for a 10am leave time

To register interest and for more details visit AusZcar.com

Northam 2015 by Peter Harold

Three club zeds competed at Northam, Martin Falconer, Howard Trevenen and Peter Pelham. Also competing was Greg Nicholas from Narrogin. Matthew Falconer competed in the 160Z replica and Robin Falconer in a rare 200B SSS coupe. The Falconer family were well represented on and off the track as their pit crew was made up of Martin and Robin's Father Reg and their brother Tim. Making up the cheer squad was Robin's wife Marie, daughter Sharie and Martin's daughter Amy.

The Datsun's were in the "Sports Cars Under 3500cc" group along with the usual suspect MG B's, Porsches, couple of Triumphs etc. Matthew in the 160Z took out the first event by 20 points from Mark Jones in his TR4. This is almost the highlight of the day. Almost!!! First regularity event Matthew has entered. As I said, almost the highlight of the day.

Event two and three were taken out by Martin. Out of the seven laps covering these two events, Martin managed to lap in 1:04 for four laps which was his nominated time. Good effort!!!
Peter Pelham won the last event which proves that brilliant and smooth driving finally wins through. Doing a rough calculation, I think Pete won the day overall.

Howard was very consistent all day but was lapping faster more often, than going slower than his nominated time of 1:05. This caused him to gather to many points and kept him from winning the sheep station or in Howie's case, the Simmental stud.

Robin's SSS performed very well for its first outing and received a lot of deserved attention. Robin drove it with his usual skill and no fuss driving style. It was quite thrilling to watch Robin chasing Matthew around the track but unable to pass the 160Z as its legs were just that much longer. (This would have to be my highlight of the day.) I've heard that Matthew let Robin pass on the last lap of the last event. I'm sure that Robin would have a totally different perspective on this passing manoeuvre. The grape vine whisper is that Robin has his measuring tape out to see if a L24 will fit in the SSS Coupe. Evidently they were sold in Japan with the L24 so why not. Look out Matthew!!!

Phillip Island Classic 2015

The San Remo Bridge connecting the Island to the rest of Australia was silhouetted like a glorious golden arch with the sun slowly setting in the west, when they appeared. The vision was almost miraculous. Team Z took a collective step back and gasped, their surprise rapidly becoming delight. What an omen, yes it really was going to be a great weekend. (Well let's face it; it would be truly remarkable if the sun had decided to set in the east and you will have to read the rest of this rubbish to find out what the miraculous vision was.)

The flash Chateau at the New Haven Caravan Park provided accommodation for P1 (El Presidento Hally), P76 (Pete Harrold) and Greg (Greg TSOA President). Located nearby at the not so flash Chateau were Chris and Leila. Their location became known as Dump Point Central due to the large Dump Point sign slightly to the left of the front room.
'It's the serenity, you can just feel the serenity' Is how Chris described the location of Chateau Bothy in a Darryl Kerrigan moment.

Meanwhile Phil (P3) was comfortably and sensibly accommodated at brother in law Bob's beach house at Cowes. Not so sensibly P3 was recovering from having just driven the V8 Zed from Perth, much to the delight of the Nullarbor fuel retailers. So impressive was this achievement the Victorians made a special presentation to P3 and his achievement will, I suspect, get a special mention in their newsletter. Phillip's brother David also had a very successful weekend in his Sunbeam Tiger. David sensibly trailered his car from WA to the Island.

Thursday was documentation day. It was definitely strange when more attention seemed to be paid by the scrutineers to the quality of our race apparel and little apparent interest in the presentation of our cars.

Imagine Basil Fawlty having to be scrutineered, yep you have just conjured up P1 at the Classic scrutineering. P1 finished scrutineering and to his distress could not find his vehicle log book. Clearly the incompetent scrutineers had misplaced it - probably given the signed log book in error to another competitor. What to do? Confront, they got it wrong! Yep that is what Basil (P1) did.
'Oh shit, what's that in my documents file? Oops it's my log book'
One slightly chastened Presidento went back to the scrutineers to apologise. This is to his credit!

Friday day practice. Raining.
'Who will be quicker Chris or P1?'
In diabolical conditions it was P76 Peter Harrold (dark horse?).

Friday afternoon 5 lap session was mostly under safety car and learning the track.

Saturday dawned to brilliant weather. Session one was largely uneventful but established the four west Australian Zeds as credible and legitimate competitors in the top third of the 60 car grid. Yes getting passed by John Bowe was interesting but it was bloody great passing the Porsches and nipping at the heels of the Mustangs. Saturday at Phillip Island established our legitimacy in the top echelons of the field and this is something we can all be very proud of.

Saturday night dinner Phil arranged tables at the Cowes RSL. We suspect that brother in law Bob had a bit to do with it but a very enjoyable night was had by all.

It is very hard to write a description of the weekend's event by our heroes and not mention the work done by the magnificent pit crew headed up by Greg. Basically in a highly methodical and diligent way Greg managed to find something to eat at every concession in the paddock. As far as we can ascertain no other pit crew could match this achievement. Our cars ran like clockwork all weekend but this had absolutely nothing to do with Greg's efforts in the pits. We do appreciate Greg's stunning ability to identify IGA stores that had a liquor outlet adjacent and the consequent contribution to crew morale.

Sunday we just had the one event. Have a look at the in car footage from Chris and Hally (P1.) We were not racing! We just happened to pass and repass. Often! Hally won the honours (fastest time of the weekend for the West Australian Zeds) on the final lap only due to gentleman Chris's sporting gesture of not boxing him in on the penultimate lap (author's prerogative has just been exercised).

We loaded the cars on the transporter on Sunday afternoon and had a debrief on Sunday night. A couple of Chris's school mates had turned up to watch Sunday's event. They appreciated the welcome of the WA Zed crew and I suspect were mildly surprised at how competitive we were. Said cheerio to Phil. P76 headed home on Monday, P1 went to Canberra to do his laundry before returning to Melbourne for the Grand-Prix and Chris and Leila did a little touring before catching up with P1 at the Grand-Prix. A bit anticlimactic really.

The truly miraculous vision that set the scene for this description of the Phillip Island Classic was the magnificent coincidence that occurred just after our arrival. There we were having fish and chips and a beer, looking at the arriving race cars on the San Remo Bridge. The sun was setting over the Island whilst P76 was talking on his mobile to Mr Trevenen (Angus) and then the truck with the three Zeds crossed the bridge, our first sighting of them since farewelling the transporter in Perth. Yes it really was a great weekend.

March 2015