Club Update

Heritage day lunch

17 members enjoyed themselves and each other's company at Fairbrossen Cafe in the Perth hills. This was the same venue as last year's successful event. Thank you to Chris Bothams for doing such a great job organising and marketing this year's event in my absence.

Albany round up

Another fantastic long weekend in Albany. Not only the weather but the company and the competition. The weekend was a very social time interrupted by some motorsport. Members Andrew Armstrong, Howard Trevenen, Peter Pelham, Nathan Hadlow, Peter Harrold, Martin Falconer, Matthew Falconer, Chris Bothams and myself all competed in the "Round the Houses" regularity events on Sunday and some also participated in the Mt Clarence hill climb on Saturday. Members Ken Hayden, Colin Schipp and Vaughan Wilde all attended as spectators. It was also great to catch up with Ken's wife Debbie, Andrew's wife and daughters as well as Nathan's wife and Daughter at Saturday night's dinner. Thanks to local Nathan for booking the finest restaurant in town.

The weekend was nearly incident free for the Zed drivers with only a few off the circuit incidents to report. Unfortunately I have to confess to one of the more serious occurrences. As some people might be aware I have already lost one Zed to fire, the details I won't bore you with. On this occasion my Zed caught fire at the hotel on Sunday morning as we were getting ready to leave for the track, because the windscreen demister (12 volt hair dryer)I had just fitted for the Albany weekend shorted. This was probably not the best Idea I have ever had, fitting a product not fit for purpose and of dubious origin to my pride and joy. However, with the quick thinking of Martin Falconer and a wet chamois he was able to pull the whole flaming disaster from under the dash and saved me from having to make that phone call to Shannons Insurance. Thanks once again Martin.

The other incident of note involves Chris Bothams and his race suit zipper. Chris's tummy and his race suit zipper have been having a battle to see who is mightier for some time now. At Phillip Island earlier this year Chris could be seen talking to the two of them and engaging in strange primitive dance rituals to appease the two of them to effect a closed race suit. However, on Saturday while Chris was readying himself for the hill climb, his tummy finally won the battle rendering the zip useless. Later that afternoon to celebrate cessation of hostilities of the warring parties Chris and I went to the Pub for a few beers and a large serving of sausage's and mash.

Andrew departed from the usual completion menu of hill climb Saturday and round the houses Sunday by entering the Mini club's Motorkhana held at the CBH grain terminal in Albany on Saturday and by the looks of the results he got a second in class. Well done Andrew. This might be a great series for others to consider as well. Andrew certainly enjoys it.

Upcoming Events for 2015

The TSOA has two new events on their web site. Sunday the 21st of June RAC Autotest. Around the witches hats fun at the RAC centre which is conveniently located near the airport. See their web site for entry forms. They are looking for more entries so get cracking and remember if 3 or members enter I will make it a round of our drivers comp. Also on the 3rd of August they will be hosting a hill climb at Jacks Hill, so keep the date free.

The Jaguar club has invited us to participate in a half day event at Barbagallo Tuesday the 23rd of June, so if you can get a day off school visit their web site for more details.

Our AGM will be held in July (Wednesday 22nd ) I will keep reminding you closer to the date.

The WASCC has a regularity scheduled for 23rd 24th October so keep an eye on their web site as well.

Heritage Day Event: Lunch in the hills

WA Z Register Heritage Day event lunch in the hills on Sunday 17 May at 12 noon.

Members pleas see check your email for event details and RSVP to Chris.

Zed Cruise 3rd-May-2015

Jinxed (A.K.A Ross) from forums is organising a Zed Cruise, and has invited us to come along.

They will be heading north towards two rocks and finishing in the early/mid afternoon for lunch and drinks around Mindarie

All zeds and their owners welcome!

Date: - Sunday 3 May 2015
Address: - Meet at Galleria Shopping Centre, underground parking near Dan Murphys (off walter road west)
Time of start: - 9.30am meet for a 10am leave time

To register interest and for more details visit

Northam 2015 by Peter Harold

Three club zeds competed at Northam, Martin Falconer, Howard Trevenen and Peter Pelham. Also competing was Greg Nicholas from Narrogin. Matthew Falconer competed in the 160Z replica and Robin Falconer in a rare 200B SSS coupe. The Falconer family were well represented on and off the track as their pit crew was made up of Martin and Robin's Father Reg and their brother Tim. Making up the cheer squad was Robin's wife Marie, daughter Sharie and Martin's daughter Amy.

The Datsun's were in the "Sports Cars Under 3500cc" group along with the usual suspect MG B's, Porsches, couple of Triumphs etc. Matthew in the 160Z took out the first event by 20 points from Mark Jones in his TR4. This is almost the highlight of the day. Almost!!! First regularity event Matthew has entered. As I said, almost the highlight of the day.

Event two and three were taken out by Martin. Out of the seven laps covering these two events, Martin managed to lap in 1:04 for four laps which was his nominated time. Good effort!!!
Peter Pelham won the last event which proves that brilliant and smooth driving finally wins through. Doing a rough calculation, I think Pete won the day overall.

Howard was very consistent all day but was lapping faster more often, than going slower than his nominated time of 1:05. This caused him to gather to many points and kept him from winning the sheep station or in Howie's case, the Simmental stud.

Robin's SSS performed very well for its first outing and received a lot of deserved attention. Robin drove it with his usual skill and no fuss driving style. It was quite thrilling to watch Robin chasing Matthew around the track but unable to pass the 160Z as its legs were just that much longer. (This would have to be my highlight of the day.) I've heard that Matthew let Robin pass on the last lap of the last event. I'm sure that Robin would have a totally different perspective on this passing manoeuvre. The grape vine whisper is that Robin has his measuring tape out to see if a L24 will fit in the SSS Coupe. Evidently they were sold in Japan with the L24 so why not. Look out Matthew!!!